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Candidates who are qualified are strongly recommended to register as soon as possible. A system delay may occur due to the high end of the last registration period for demand.

US DV Lottery 2020

The US Department of State annually administers a DV lottery by providing immigrant visas (green cards) annually to people with low immigration rates to the US.

There are 50,000 DVs this year. Visas are distributed between six geographical regions and the maximum number of visas will be allocated to regions with low immigration rates. Over 50,000 immigrants have arrived in the US over the last five years.

US DV Lottery 2019 eligible countries

DV Lottery in 2020 The locals in these countries cannot apply because more than 50,000 people from the following countries have migrated to the United States in the last five years:
Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (Mainland), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (Except Northern Ireland) and Dependent Territories and Vietnam.

Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, and Taiwan are eligible. People can apply if their spouse is born in an eligible country.

Changes in eligibility this year: None

The registration deadline for the Diversity Visa Program (DV-2020) was from 2016 onwards. October 4 until 2016 November 7 finished. [quote]


DV Lottery 2019 Eligibility

Requirement 1: Persons born in countries that meet local requirements may arrive.

If you are not born in the right country, you could get two more ways.

Has your spouse been born in a country with a local population? If so, you can request the country of birth of your spouse, provided that both you and your spouse are named with the chosen entry, diversity visas are issued and imported into the United States at the same time.
Were you born in a country whose locals are unsuitable, but none of your parents were born or legally resident at your birth? If so, you may require one of the parents’ countries of birth if it is a country with local people entitled to DV-2019.
Requirement 2: Each DV applicant must meet the MS program requirement for education/work experience:

at least secondary education or equivalent, defined as a successful 12-year formal primary and secondary education course;


two years of work experience in the last five years in a profession requiring at least two years of training or experience.
Unable to submit an entry to a DV program if you fail to comply with both of these requirements.

Malaysia Visa Check Status Online

Registrants should have completed secondary education or equivalent education, or have two years of work experience in the previous five years in a professional activity requiring at least two years of training or work experience.

An alien must submit an online form and a digital photo via the official DV Lottery website Study Book BD. Only one entry per person is allowed. Several registrations made on behalf of one person are disqualified. Free of charge.

DV Lottery 2019 Bangladesh Application Form

To complete your listing, you must provide the following information:

  1. Name – surname, first name, surname, middle name – just like your passport.
  2. Gender – Men or Women.
  3. Date of birthday, month, year.
  4. The city you were born in.
  5. Country of birth – Use the name of the country where you were born.

The country to which the DV program applies – Your country of eligibility will usually be the same as your country of birth. Your eligibility country is not related to where you live.
Attendee’s photo (s) – Recent photos (within the last six months) about yourself, your spouse and all of your children recorded on your record. You do not need to include a photo of a spouse or child who is already a US citizen or a legal resident, but you will not be punished.
Group photos will not be accepted; You must submit a photo to each person. Your entry may be rejected or your visa application may be refused if your photos have not been taken within the last six months, have been manipulated in any way or do not meet the specifications below.

Mail Address – Take Care

  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2
  • Town town
  • District / Country / Province / State
  • Zip / Postal code


The country where you live today.
Telephone number (optional).

  • Email Address – Email The postal address to which you have direct access. If your post is selected and you respond to the selection notification via the Participant Status Check, you will receive an email. Mail notification from the State Department informing you that your immigrant visa interview data is available in the Participant Status Check. The State Department will never take you by e-mail. A message indicating that you have selected a DV program
  • The highest level of education you have achieved today: (1) Primary school only, (2) Some secondary school, non-diploma, (3) high school diploma, (4) vocational school, (5) some university courses, university degree, (7) some graduate level courses, (8) masters degree, (9) some doctoral courses and (10) doctorate
  • Current marital status – Unmarried, married and my spouse NO US citizen or US legal resident (LPR) married and my spouse is a US citizen or US LPR divorced, widowed, or legally separated. Enter your spouse’s name, date of birth, gender, the city of birth and country of birth, and a photo of your spouse matching the same technical specifications as your photo.

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If your spouse is not listed, your disqualification will be the main applicant for diversity and visa refusal in all cases during your visa. You must indicate your spouse, even if you plan to be divorced before applying for a visa. A spouse who is already a US citizen or LPR will not need a visa or a visa, even though you will not be fined if you enter them on your arrival form.

Number of Children – The name, date of birth, sex, place of birth and country of birth of all live unmarried children under 21 years of age, regardless of whether they live with you or intend to accompany or follow you if you immigrate to the USA. Submit separate photos of each child using the same technical specifications as your photo.

US DV Lottery 2020
Be sure to include:

  • all living natural children;
  • all of your legally adopted children; and

all electronic unmarried children under the age of 21 living on the day of arrival, even if you are no longer legally married to the child’s parents and even if the child is not currently living with you and/or not immigrating with you.
Married children and children who are 21 or older when submitting your records are not eligible for the DV Lottery 2019 program. However, the Child Protection Act protects children from

“Aging” in certain circumstances. If your DV record is made before your unmarried child turns 21, and a child under 21 is issued a visa, it can be treated as if it were less than 21 for visa purposes.

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