Top 5 Best Songs of 2019 (So Far)

Need something to add to your summer playlist? Here are 2019’s best songs from pop comedy to grand ballad and precious dancefloor tops.

“Motivation” by Normani
Normani has been collaborating with our fighters Khalid, Sam Smith, and El Locke since Fifth Harmony announced their break. But in “Inspiration,” Normani proved that she needed no help to win the pop world, and the video was viewed 19 million times in the first few days, a testament to the newcomer princess in pop music. – Nerissa Penrose
“Boyfriend” by Ariana Grande and Social House
“Ariana Grande sings in the first few seconds of her boyfriend,” I wasted a Motherbrain train. “Modern dating of the confusion in this sense is completely submerged. Do you solve the problems that your attraction/flower/Pew/dilator emphasizing how you have been able to love? You have already studied the cause of the accident suck to be you are afraid. We are barefoot when you go how we feel illustrate the song Chick Is not to look at -. Nerisha Penrose
“Love Like That” by Snoh Aalegra
Megan The Stallion Hot Girl debuted in the summer, but with Snow Allegra’s sophomore album, Ug, The Bill, it’s going to be a sad girl fruit. From the moment I read the album on my journey, I woke up to the set of “Good As Love”. It describes one of the toxic makeup-to-break situations, which is nothing for anyone on the outside, but you can’t get out. Snow will find a way to make the pain more beautiful. – Nerissa Penrose
“Looking For America” by Lana Del Rey
One morning in August, Americans raised the news that 31 people were killed by two mass shootings in Dayton, El Paso, Texas and Ohio. “America Six” is Lana Del Rey’s answer. In it he dreams of a country he can boast of: “I’m still searching for the US / my version without a gun, where the flag can fly freely.” – Nerissa Penrose

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