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Three exercises to reduce facial fat

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Many suffer from facial problems. This causes fatness to fade. Reducing facial fat is not easy, but it is not too difficult. But you can do some exercises if you want to reduce fat. Regular use of these exercises will be very easy to reduce facial fat. Healthy website Tupetta Home Remedi told these exercises for reducing facial fatigue.


Regular exercise to reduce facial fat. Photo: Top Ten Home Remedy




























1. Like a lip, put the cheeks inside the mouth, like the fish.

2. So stay 30 seconds.

3. Then be normal. Please do this 10 times.

4. Do this exercise at least twice daily

Rotate the tongue

1. Close the mouth and the tongue out of the teeth, but rotate inside the mouth.

2. Please do this 15 times.

3. Do this twice a day.

Taking the tongue forward

1. Look at the tongue as much as you can, and find out.

2. So stay 10 minutes. Then relax

3. Do this 20 times twice a day.


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