SSC CGL Tier 2 Study Plan 2020-21 – Study Book BD

SSC CGL Tier 2 Study Plan 2020-21. SSC CGL Exam Preferred Objectives One of the most anticipated exams in the year on the first level SSC CGL Exam that took place from June 4 to June 13, 2019, is the lakhs of exams that have appeared in this country and now the second stage i.e. SSC CGL Level 2 SSC CGL Exam Level 2 is only a few months. For the rest, SCADA will help you by providing successful research materials that you will step into.

SSC CGL Tier 2 Study Plan 2020-21

SSC CGL Level 2 Exam 2018-19 will be held from September 11 to 13. SSC CGL Level 2 is mainly paper 1 (quantitative qualification) and second paper (English and normalization) which is mandatory for all candidates. The English Department consists of 400 questions with one class and 100 questions in the quantitative position, each with two marks.

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Since exercise is always thought to be the only reason to win the challenge, treat your weapon equally, as it will protect you from panic and lose courage on the day of the test. The more you exercise, the closer you will to your goal. SSCADDA has devised a study plan for the SSC CGL Tier II exam where we will present Paper No. 1 (Quantitative Capacity) and Paper 2 (English and Comprehension Metrics) which will help you prepare for the CGL Tier 2 Study Plan detailed in the table below. Show:

SSC CGL Tier 2 Study Plan 2019-20

SSC CGL Tier-2 Study Plan

Date & Day Quantitative Aptitude
Quiz with Topic
English Quiz with Topic
17th June
Day 1
Number System Error Detection Quiz
18th June
Day 2
Percentage Idioms and Phrases Quiz
19th June
Day 3
Percentage Sentence Completion Quiz
20th June
Day 4
Partnership Synonyms Quiz
21st June
Day 5
Mix Topic One Word Substitution Quiz
22nd June
Day 6
Mega Quiz [30 Questions] Mega Quiz [30 Questions]
23rd June
Day 7
Algebra Spelling Correction Quiz
24th June
Day 8
Algebra Cloze Test Quiz
25th June
Day 9
Profit & loss Antonyms Quiz
26th June
Day 10
Profit & loss Sentence Improvement Quiz
27th June
Day 11
LCM & HCF, Simplification Error Detection Quiz
28th June
Day 12
Mix Topic English Vocabulary Quiz
29th June
Day 13
Mega Quiz [30 Questions] Mega Quiz [30 Questions]
30th June
Day 14
Geometry Active Passive Voice Quiz
1st July
Day 15
Geometry Sentence Rearrangement Quiz
2nd July
Day 16
Coordinate Geometry Direct Indirect Speech Quiz
3rd July
Day 17
Average Reading Comprehension Quiz
4th July
Day 18
Average English Miscellaneous Quiz
5th July
Day 19
Mix Topic Synonyms Quiz
6th July
Day 20
Mega Quiz [30 Questions] Mega Quiz [30 Questions]
7th July
Day 21
Mensuration Antonyms Quiz
8th July
Day 22
Mensuration Sentence Completion Quiz
9th July
Day 23
Ratio, Proportion & age, Partnership One Word Substitution Quiz
10th July
Day 24
Ratio, Proportion & age, Partnership Sentence Improvement Quiz
11th July
Day 25
Mixture & allegation Reading Comprehension Quiz
12th July
Day 26
Mix Topic Previous Years Exam Questions
13th July
Day 27
Mega Quiz [30 Questions] Mega Quiz [30 Questions]
14th July
Day 28
Trigonometry and height & distance Idioms and Phrases Quiz
15th July
Day 29
 Trigonometry and height & distance Error Detection Quiz
16th July
Day 30
 Trigonometry and height & distance Error Detection Quiz


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