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Saudi Visa Centres: Two recruiting agencies at loggerheads – study book bd. Under the two leading recruitment agencies, two teams of Saudi embassy organizations are fighting to launch a Visa Service Center in Dhaka.

General Secretary of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agency (Baira), a division of the organization said, there is nothing other than planning to build a cartel in Saudi Arabia’s employment sector, besides the plan to set up a Saudi Visa Center.

But the Bira executive committee, which supports the visa centers, said such charges are nothing but imaginative statements. It claims that the process makes procedural problems easy and helps all the recruitment agents.

Generally, the Saudi employer offers separate agent search jobs, and once the workers meet and the contract ends, the employers send the online agent’s visa number.

The agent then prepares all documents including aspiring immigrant passports and submits them to the Saudi embassy for stamping the visa.

Recently, the embassy has decided to introduce two Visa Service Centers in Dhaka- one Banani Kamal Ataturk Avenue and the other Gulshan North Avenue of Gulshan-2.

The embassy now does not allow agents to rally because it is soon going to diplomatic zone in Baridhara.

The admission agent must submit to the center, which will send their embassy. Centers will provide agent papers after visa stamping.

Abdul Alim, general secretary of Bir Nair, leader of the Saudi Visa Service Center Nirmal Committee, was present, he said, the embassy open Visa center has no problem with them.

However, the leading centers of two top recruitment agents – Mohammad Nur Ali, Managing Director of UniConnect Eastern Private Limited, owner of Greenland Oversariem Mohammad Abdul Hai. “There is a direct conflict of interest here,” he said.

“The documents contain the addresses of employers who submit separate agents. Since the two employers manage the agent center and find out about the identity of the employers, they can finally accept the business of other agents.

“The service center will charge a fee of Rs 1,100 each passport, but they can increase fees at any time and the recruitment agencies will not say anything.

Alim also mentioned that they protested the protest and submitted the State Minister for Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Imran Ahmad to the State Department.

According to the memo, Baiyai wrote the embassy in support of the idea of ​​a Saudi service center, without seeking an opinion from its general members.

In the case of multiple recruitments of workers in Malaysia, the move of 10 employer Agent Noor Ali and charges of high recruitment expenses between 2016 and 018, and Ali’s associate Abdul Hye will eventually lead to the formation of other syndicates…

In such a situation, a general meeting of the buyer was held in a hotel on Saturday and the human chain was held in front of the ministry. They held a human chain in front of the Bangabandhu Bayer office on Monday.

Also on Saturday, Nur Ali and his supporters, the leaders of the meeting held a meeting at Dhaka Westin Hotel. Ibrahim Ali al-Humaidi, the Chief Counsel of the Saudi Embassy was also present.

The speech center was inaugurated by Ibrahim Ali, the Saudi government, in the speech.

“Soon, we are moving to our new building in a new place.” Now, it is difficult for everyone to attend the embassy, ​​our minister is not allowing this gathering in the new building. “

He said, “The Baira president is our adviser. Under his supervision, this service center will work.

“There is a misunderstanding that service centers will accept your business, it is not right, they will only serve as a deposit and distribution center.”

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According to the video clip of the Saturday incident, agents may come directly to the embassy if there is any problem with the agents.

During the contact, the fear of a section of the Baira members about the Bir’s Secretary-General Shamim Ahmed Chowdhury Noman Saudi Visa Service Center is completely baseless.

After all, he said, the whole issue of the Saudi Embassy to launch service centers. No, the government of Bangladesh or the hero has nothing to say. But the Baira supported the idea by the embassy’s advice.

“Baia President Benjamin Ahmed will supervise the overall operation of the MP Service Center. We are doing this for our members,” he told Daily Star.

Traditionally, he said an agency can submit a passport and 60 passports in the embassy within two days a week.

But once the visa center is in operation, they can submit passports for five days. A number of passports will not have any limit in a week.

Currently, only 650 agencies with Saudi Embassy are listed for sending Bangladeshi workers to the state, but once the visa centers are implemented, all 1,300 recruitment agencies will be listed.

Asked about the concerns of the agencies, service centers will eventually become syndicate, Baira Secretary General Noman said, “It is only a guess.”

He said, “There is no scope to syndication business breaches of privacy.”

While talking to Daily Star on Tuesday, Bira’s President Benjamin Ahmed also said the same thing. “Whether it is a visa center or not, to the Saudi embassy, ​​the Embassy has the jurisdiction to determine who will be responsible.”

Responding to a question, the President said that he will monitor the operations of the centers and “take action if irregularities are found”.

Abdul Hai of Greenland Overseas said that the opponents of the Saudi Visa Center are speaking on the basis of misconception.

“There is no way to syndication or manipulation,” he told Daily Star Tuesday, “We do not have the opportunity to open files to submit personal files to the visa center.

State Minister for Expatriates’ Welfare, Imran Ahmed, Secretary Rank Jahan and Independent Eastern Managing Director Noor Ali did not respond to calls or messages from this reporter.

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