PSC English Suggestion 2019 100% Common

PSC English Suggestion 2019 100% PSC English Proposition 2019. Primary School Certificate Class 5 (5) Compassion Exam 2019 Proposal English. Final English overview for the PEC 2019 exam. Take the fifth-semester exam for English language education 2019. The PSC exam will be held on different subjects. Bengali, English, mathematics, Bangladesh, world studies, science, religion and moral education

. We publish the proposal of all the 2019 PSC exams Short Suggestion. Hi, Gas Download now Bangla suggestion 2019 already published on this site. Study Book


PSC English Suggestion 2019 100% Common

PSC English Suggestion 2018



DPE works to quote a society that guarantees the rights of primary education to every Asian nation. Also known as DPE, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MOPME). The full and final recommendation for the PSC examination is in 2019. In general, for 2019 PCC candidates, we will publish all the suggestions and questions. From November 1 to November 28, 2019,

Here we publish some model tests for PSC and PEC experiments. According to Primary Education Guidelines (DPE), we have issued all model tests according to new model and question mark, after the full PSC examination, PSC results will be released in 2017 last December..     (PSC Routine)


PSC English Suggestion and Question Patterns 2019
Model Question No. -1
Model Question No. -2
Model Question No. -3
Model Question No. -4
Model Question No. -5
Model Question No. -6
Model Question No. -7
Model Question No. -8
Model Question No. -9
Model Question No. -10
PSC English Short Suggestion 2019(Coming Soon)


 এই সিলিবাস নিয়মে পড়লে 100% A+  ইনশাআল্লাহ
পাঠ্য বিষয়বস্ত
পৃষ্ঠা নং
01 Unit: 1,2,3 1-13
02 Unit: 4,5,6,7,8 14-33
03 Unit: 9,10,11,12 34-49
04 Unit: 13,14 50-57
05 Unit: 15,16,17 58-69
06 Unit: 18,19,20 70-81
07 Unit: 21,22,23,24 82-97
08 Revision 2nd Term (6-13) Unit: 25 and Revision 98-102
09 Revision the Whole course  
10 Revision the Whole course  
11 Revision the Whole course  
12 Revision the Whole course  


Seen Passages:

  1. What food is good ————- we need to make good choices.
  2. A long time ago ———— leave the building quietly.
  3. My home district is Kishoreganj ———— I love my home district.
  4. A person birthday is a special day ———– spend time with friends and family.
  5. On 14th December our class ———– we will never forget.
  6. It’s a beautiful spring day ———– she was born.
  7. Last January I went to ———— in our tents.
  8. Babul and his family ————- fish flying through the sky.


Unseen Passages:

  1. There lived a woodcutter ——– began to live happily.
  2. Once there were two friends ——– he went away.
  3. Helen killer was ——- at the age of 88.
  4. A farmer had three sons ——– anybody can harm you.
  5. People say that health is wealth ——- feelings and emotion.
  6. Long ago, a young man found life ——- found himself again in a family.
  7. On a bright sunny day a crow stole a piece of meat ——– went away.
  8. Once there was a lion ——- ones can help big ones.
  9. It was a hot summer day. A man was ——– left the place.
  10. Long long ago, there was a king ——- got back his kingdom.
  11. The independence of Bangladesh was —— basic rights to its people.
  12. Sofia is 24 years old ——– one reason or another.
  13. Once an Ant was thirsty ——— the life of the dove.
  14. Seikh Sadi.
  15. Bayejid Bostami.


PSC English Suggestion 100% Common 2019



PSC English Short Suggestion 2019

The Bangladesh General Education Board is for management. In 1978, this decision was made to establish a general education. Directorate of Secondary Education and Higher Education Dr. The government of Bangladesh is run. A large number of students participated in the PSC examination. Many have called it in the PSC exam.

PSC means a primary school certificate. Religious School Education System Area Unit System 2 The government spends 11.5% of its budget in General School. In Bangladesh, a large number of religious educational institutions participating in this examination are participating. They obey government rules and regulations.

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