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Nigerian Defence Academy: NDA Recruitment, Portal, Courses, Ranks, & Salaries, in 2019 Study Book BD

Nigerian Defense Academy: NDA recruitment, portal, course, rank, and pay, in 2019. Have you ever thought that it is not just a military university, but both military and civilian students, and it is considered as one of the best in Africa? Find out more about the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA): Appointment, portal, examination, course, post, and salary, in 2019.


This writing is sponsored by the Nigerian Defense Academy NDA providing information about: recruitment, portal, examination, course, terms, and salary.

This is not a way to call for NDA recruitment exercise or application. To see any reliable information about NDA recruitment, visit the University’s main portal.

About the Nigerian Defense Academy

Nigeria’s Defense Academy (NDA), Kaduna is the first of two military universities in Nigeria. Founded in 2018 in Bai, Nigerian Army University does not offer military training but another military university.

The NDA supplies every official cadet with the necessary knowledge, skills and standards necessary to meet the requirements of the military officer through military, academic and personal development.

NDA is now the best military academy in West Africa and known in the African continent. This is probably the competition for a place in this college why explain why the superior is only recruited.

NDA is a university for training military officers?

NDA’s view is to create an officer with diverse training in both military and academic fields. Fundamental things were designed for the gradual development of the officers of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

Officer Corps of NDA train for Nigerian army, navy and air force. A brief overview of these setups below:

Nigerian army is the largest part of the Armed Forces of Nigeria (NAF) and is part of a Nigerian army which is responsible for land warfare.

The Nigerian Navy came from Nigeria Navy. The responsibility of the Nigerian Navy includes the management of the port and the port; concreting and lighting; Channel dredging; Operation ferry services, cruises and other small ships that cross the canal and other internal waterways.

In 1961, the Nigerian Air Force was established in reaction to the need to fly the soldiers during the peacekeeping operations in Congo and Tanzania. The Armed Forces supply logical supplies during the war

Nigerian Navy College, One, Port will continue for 5 years for military cadets for 4-year Navy and Air Force cadets in the training time of the Nigerian Defense Academy (4 years academic + 1 year military). – Harkart and 301 Flying Training School (301FTS), Kaduna for 1 year training with their respective services, respectively.

Can citizens join NDA?

The Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) is not an institution where admission candidates receive only military training. However, all NDA admissions students receive a difficult academic training as a cadet officer for a period of 5 years.

In 1985, NDA started offering postgraduate programs to military officers in training and now offers both graduate and graduate degrees for master and doctoral degrees for both civil and military students.

NDA is divided into two main branches; Academic and military branches

The NDA’s administrative center is headed by the Commander, who is the responsibility of the NDA Council headed by the Defense Minister. NDA’s current commander Major General A. Webde

The deputy commander assisted the commander in implementing general policies and training. A rector of the academic branch and the director of the board of directors who manages different units; Current Rector is one of the leading UK based UK based marketing and entrepreneur educators in Europe, Professor Abbybik Soni Noonko and other directors;

Directorate of Administration (DOA)

Doa of the responsibility of commanding for the administration, activities and policies of the academy. The current administration director (DOA) Commodore J. E. Ace and 3 officials are supported.

Directorate of Military Training (DMT)

DMT is responsible for training of regular cadets and for training related to the army. Brigadier General EVV’s current training director. Onumajuru. 5 officials assisted the director.

Department of Coordination (DCO)

DCOORD is responsible for coordinating all activities of the academy and for all matters related to external units, structures and contact with the citizen organization. Coordinator’s current director (D CODOR) Commodore CD. OKEHIE

Directorate of Finance (DOF)

The Directorate of Financing (DOF) is responsible for the financial management and control of the academy. Current Director of Finance (DOF) Brigade General MKK Yunusa

Logistic Director (Dol)

DOL is responsible for the commander for all the organizations of the academy. Current Logistics Director (DOL) Air Commodore DN Danet.

Directorate of Information and Technology (DICT)

Current Information and Communication Technology Director (DICT) Air Commodore KM Umar ra DICT is the commander’s responsibility for all matters related to ICT in the academy.

Cadet Brigade
CBC cadet is responsible for the commander of administration, including accommodation, food, discipline, club activities and regimentation. Cadet Brigade’s current captain Brigadier General LA Lebow

Academy Provost (AP)

Current Rector of Nigeria’s Defense Academy Professor Azubik Sunny Nwankwo

Nigerian Defense Academy recruitment/application
The registration details of various Degree programs offered on the NDA website are provided at the NDA website as well as the application portal of the brochure and jam website.

Other information about degree courses, qualifications, and testing centers can be found on the NDA website / portal. Keep in mind that anyone with a French knowledge will have an extra advantage during the application process.

Eligibility for recruitment of the Nigerian Defense Academy
To be eligible for admission to the Nigerian Defense Academy, the candidate must have the following:

SSCE (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB) or GCE ‘O’ level minimum 5 credit passes are available for your preferred faculty in more than 2 relevant sessions.

English and Math Credits.

At least two relevant credits and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for compulsory credits for the Faculty of Military Science, when the Faculty of Science is shown in the column for compulsory and relevant credits. However, only for the Faculty of Engineering, the only credit support is required.
Academy (2018) At least 17 years of age in the year of admission and will not be more than 21 years old. Candidates who want to join the Nigerian Air Force must be 17 to 18 years old and the Nigerian army postponed the recruitment of candidates in the regular NDA program.
Height for men is 1.68 meters and the height of the females will not be 1.58 meters.
There should be good physical and physical shape and be a good moral character.
Except for the legal obligation to support a child or other person, there must be a man or woman.
You also need to present a certificate from the state governor’s office in the local government area or the price obtained from state indigenous certificates.
Any applicant with practical knowledge of the French language will have an additional advantage.
In addition, candidates will take very good notes on the highlighted points below:

Candidates waiting for the results are not qualified to apply for the program. No candidate will be accepted in the application submitted without result.
More than 5 years of test results will be accepted from the date of the session.
At present, admission to the academy is restricted to the Navy and Air Force only for Nigerian men and women and candidates.

How can I apply for the NDA?

Now let us consider step-by-step registration on the NDA portal. It’s pretty quick and straightforward.

Create an account. First, you must create a registry of the online system of the Nigerian Defense Academy. If you have already created an account, click to log in to NDA portal. If not, follow these steps:
Enter the first and last name of the required line. Do not forget the correct spelling.
Then enter the mobile phone number and confirm it in the reverse column.
Enter your email and duplicate it in the next column. This address only belongs to you.
Create a unique but secure password at the same time and confirm it in the next line. Stay alert with letters and numbers. Do not make mistakes.
When you create an account, you will get direct access to the purchase form, but in order to do this, you must complete the request. The system will tell you how to do it. After creating it, click to send.

Buy the form. By selecting Nigerian online or any banking system, you can pay in the following ways. But make sure that you have created the account correctly.
If you want to pay online, sign in to the application form and make a payment or if you prefer a banking system, click Remote Payment. The guide will help you to perform all the steps correctly.

Download the necessary documents. You can upload your document photocopy, but send the original for the interview.
Consider the request. It will be considered after the submission and payment of the election committee. Time to do everything quickly. Otherwise, it can not be allowed.
Check the status of the application. You can do this by logging in to the online system.
What is the NDA 2019 age limit?
According to the 2019 NDA qualification criteria, candidates must be 16 to 19 years old. 12 (10 + 2) Candidates present or present in the examination are eligible for NDA 2019.

Nigerian Defense Academy portal
Any NDA portal should collect any registration and information when applying to the NDA;

NDA Application Portal: https://rcapplications.nda.edu.ng/
Nigerian Defense Academy: https://www.nda.edu.ng/
NDA Post Graduation Application: https://pgapplications.nda.edu.ng/
Candidates should visit the official website at www.ndaapplications.net and then the application portal should be logged in.

Then, the candidate has to select “purchase access code” and fill their details to pay for their application.

Candidates should log in to the application portal www.nda.edu.ng or www.rcapplications.nda.edu.ng.

NDA Courses

We have collected formal lists of courses and sections available in the entire Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA).

So basically, we have made it very easy for you to adjust your required topics to get any course courses listed in the NDA and find the research requirements easily.

NDA Courses / Categories

  • Accounting
    Civil engineering
    Computer science
    Electrical / Electronic Engineering
    Mechanical engineering
    Political Science and Defense Studies

Nigerian Defense Academy graduate and salary after graduation
Many people are interested in NDA positions and salaries after post-graduation. Here we have academy terms and salary lists.

It is known that many of the institutes have started their military career in the academy because they offer jobs for graduates in many places. Last year, the students received their first salary in the academy.

The salary is called for a monthly basis and its submission for a year.

  • Personal: N49,000 (N588,000 per year)
    Lance Corporal: N55, 000 (606,000 per year)
    Corporal: N58, 000 (N696,000 per year)
    Sergent: N63, 000 (N756,000 per year)
    Staff Sergeant: N 68, 000 (N 816,000 per year)
    Warrant Officer: N 80, 000 (N960, 000 per year)
    Master Warrant Officer: N 90,000 (N 1, 080, 000 per year)
    Second Lieutenant: N120,000 (N1, 440, 000 per year)
    Lieutenant: N180,000 (N2, 160,000 per year)
    Captain: N220, 000 (N2, 640, 000 per year)
    Major: N 300, 000 (N3, 600, 000 per year)
    Lieutenant Colonel: N350,000 (N4, 200, 000 per year)
    Colonel: N550, 000 (N6, 600, 000 per year)
    Brigadier General: N750, 000 (9, 000, 000 per year)
    Major General: N950, 000 (n 11, 400, 000 per year)
    Leigh General: N1, 000, 000 (N12, 000, 000 per year)
    General: N1, 500, 000 (N18, 000, 000 per year)

NDA formtion by 2019?

By the end of 2012, the results of the Nigerian Defense Academy, NDA examination and screening test ended. The NDA screening test is usually held every year between April and June in the designated centers across the country. Candidates of the jamb registration number will be eligible for the examination.

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