Medical Admission Question Solution 2019 For MBBS

Medical Admission Question Solution 2019 For MBBS. Medical Entry Checks Question Answer 2019. DGHS Medical Entry Answers to Questions 2018. Asian Country Medical MBBS and Dental (BDS) Entry Control You can find a question here at

DGHS MBBS Medical Entry Controls The issue of communication. Medical first Year and Under-graduation Admission Features and Result can Found here. and now Chittagong university question solution and Dental admission question sulfation 2018

Medical Admission Question Solution 2019

In the early MBBS and MDS Medical Recruitment Circulars and Medical Entry Results, I would like to thank you for joining the type of medical admission and medical entry, as well as the results of last year and entry check to ensure medical entry.

MBBS Question Solution 2019-20

১. বাংলাদেশ কতসালে ওয়ানডে স্ট্যাটাস লাভ করে? উত্তরঃ ১৯৯৭ সালে

২.  চাপের SI একক কী? উত্তরঃ প্যাসকেল ( Pascale)

৩. Past participle of swim is? Ans: swum 

৪. ইলেক্ট্রোন আয়নে কয়টি ইলেকট্রন আছে? উত্তরঃ ১

৫. কোনটা অম্লধর্মী অক্সাইড?  উত্তরঃ B(OH)3

৬. কোনটি সিলোম্বিহীন পর্ব? উত্তরঃ Fasciola Hepatica

৭. কবুতর কোন শ্রেণীর? উত্তরঃ এভিস (Avis)

৮. গব্লেট কোশ বেশি থাকে কোথায়? উত্তরঃ বৃহদান্ত্রে

৯. Eerythromycin সৃষ্টি হয় কোঠা থেকে?  উত্তরঃ বৃক্কে (Kidney) 

১০. ফরমালডিহাইড ও পটাশিয়ামকে উত্তপ্ত করলে কি তৈরি হয়? উত্তরঃ মিথানল

সম্পন্ন সমাধানের কাজ চলছে – অপেক্ষা করুন সাথেই থাকুন ধন্যবাদ!

MBBS Medical Admission Question Solution 2019

Medical Admission Question Solution 2019

Medical Admission Question Solution

Medical Admission Question Solution

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(MBBS) Medical Admission Test Question Solution 2018-19

Resolving medical recruitment issues. Asian Nation People’s Republic Medical MBBS and Dental (BDS) Reception Look at the Questions Analysis section at DGHS The MBBS medical entry gives you a look at the test question. Medical 1st Year and Lower Entry Data and results are here. Thank you for your medical admission results and thanks for the Medical Recruitment Type in an early medical entry form and medical entry result.

Results of Medical Inclusion The results and recordings of the previous year give a glimpse of one sign. (The medical examination examines the promise of the 2019 Question. Medical MBBS Admission Exam may regulate seven Gregorian calendar months in 2016 and the Dental Examination (BDS) exam on November 4, 2016. The admission examines the MCQ question and one Question Answer Answer You can continue your entry for one and 0.5 hours between ten and eleven o’clock. and check out the intentions 2016-17.

In 2016, the medical entry will look at nearly nine0339 students to accommodate 322 out of 9 seats. A total of three hundred Marks Results for Elite Candidates Medical Recruitment Questionnaire Analysis 201600 Marks at HSC and seventy-five markings between the results of the SSC and the result of the SSC and one hundred twenty-five marks for the HSC result

100 Marks For Admission take a look at Question Answer. and currently, See the method

  • SSC Result x fifteen = Your Marks
  • HSC Result x twenty-five = Your Marks
  • and Admission take a look at Marks =

SSC Result x fifteen + HSC Result x twenty-five + Admission take a look at Mark = Your Admission Result or benefit Mark

For Example Your SSC Result = 5 and HSC Result 5.00

Admission take a look at Result= four.5—15+5—25+70= 262.5 (Your Admission Result)

Medical Admission takes a look at For MBBS can control seven Gregorian calendar month 2016. and Result can Publish ninth or tenth Gregorian calendar month 2016

  • Note: From This year MBBS and BDS (Dental) examination can control individually
  • Medical MBBS Admission take a look at can control seven Gregorian calendar month 2016
  • Medical BDS Admission take a look at can control four November 2016

The exam can control at thirty-five Centres of twenty-two Public Medical faculty and One Dental faculty. We Published All Exam Result, Routine, Exam Suggestion, University Admission Process and Others Education Related Information by Our Website at and also Our Facebook Page.

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