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JSC Result 2019 EIIN Number Full Institutions. JSC Result Publish Date 2019 Full establishments Results. Hi Students, nowadays in telling the way to get Full establishments with JSC and JDC Junior School Certificate Result 2019 by EIIN variety E board results return. EIIN Full which means is academic Institute Identity variety. this technique terribly simple gets your JSC Junior School Certificate Result 2019. East Bangladesh All Education Board elementary school Certificate (JSC) Result 2019 initially publish EIIN official website


http://mail.educationboard.gov.bd/web/. Then publish Bangladeshi Education Board Result publish website educationboardresults.gov.bd site. as a result of All School Teacher of the Institute will check their Full establishment Result by college EIIN variety. SSC Result 2017 by EIIN variety publish many days past. This year all student Collect your Result simply. Check your Result with Institute Wise JSC and JDC Result 2019 below. JSC and JDC Result EIIN variety publish official website eboardresults.com.


JSC Result 2019, EIIN Number Full Institutions

JSC Result 2018 EIIN Number Full Institutions


JSC Result 2017 can publish on twenty-three Gregorian calendar month 2019. grade school Certificate (JSC) Result 2019 are going to be found our website Study Book BD.com. Get JSC Result 2019 straightforward and find 1st by college EIIN variety. Institute Wise JSC Junior School Certificate. Result 2019 is going to be on the market online. The Ministry of Education Board Bangla Desh publishes Full establishment JSC Result 2017. Education Board Web-based Result System For establishments publish JSC Result 2019 by EIIN. JSC Result 2019 by EIIN variety connected all info see below-


Check JSC Result 2017 and EIIN Number

JSC Result 2018 And EIIN Number | Full Institutions Results


About Education in Private School and Madrasah: Education is one of the basic needs of human being. No Nation can progress without it. in our country, the literacy rate is increasing. peoples interest in higher education is also increasing. In our country, we have School and Madrasah to accept higher education. We have Public and Private and Private College school madrasah. are owned by the individuals. It is the Personal property of and Individual Or a group of people. It is run and controlled by those who own it. Of course, they have to follow some rules and regulations imposed by the government.


A Primary School Education :

A primary school is an educational institution for the children fo 5 to 11. The formal Education fo a man begins in a primary school. Most of the Primary schools are governments School. There are some non-Government Primary schools & Madrasah. Nowadays there are some private Primary schools in the name of Kinder Garten school in urban areas. The Government primary schools are tuition-free schools. The Teacher is paid by the government. In a nongovernment primary school, a portion of teachers salaries is paid by the government.


But the private schools or Kiner garden Early run by the private entrepreneurs. here the students have to pay their tuition fees. Books are given to all the students of primary level free of cost by the government to ensure education for all. The students of government and no Govt primary School are Given Monthly scholarship.

Check Full Institute Wise JSC Result 2016. At first, collect your College/School EIIN Number. Then Visiting the Institute Wise JSC Result 2013 check official website. Follow step by step below system-


1st Step: visit the EIIN Number based JSC Result Check portal Click Here

2nd Step: Click and Select your Education Board Name

3rd Step: Enter/Type Your School EIIN Number

5th Step: Then the Select type of Result (It will be Visible to Recent Result) click Now JSC & JDC Result  Ore here Click now Result


How to Check JSC Result bay Online 2019 EIIN Number:

here is big true that most of the student never wait to get their result from school. They try to get their result as soon as possible. So they have taken their result from the internet. You can get your result from the internet. Here we will show you how to get JSC Result 2014 All Education Board in a very Quick and Easiest way. If you unable to get your result yourself, please show a video in this post below, Here you will see how to get JSC Result 2019 all method. Please follow the instruction below-


How to check JSC Result by Online System:

1. Go to Education Board Result Official Website
2. Select Your Exam [JSC/JDC].
3. Select Exam Year [2019].
4. Select Your Education Board.
5. Type your “Roll Number on and Registration No.
6. Fill the Captcha code.
7. Click “Submit” Button get your JSC Result Mobile User


All General (JSC) Education Board SMS Format:

JSC <Space> First three letters of Board name <Space> Roll No. <Space> 2019 and send to 16222

For Example JSC DHA 151617 2019 and send to 16222

Bangladesh Madrasah (JDC) Education Board SMS Format
JDC <space> MAD <space> Roll number <space> 2019 and Send To 16222
For Example JDC MAD 191234 2019 and send o 16222


JSC Result 2019 & EIIN Number

JSC Exam Result 2019 by faculty EIIN Number? this can be a preferred question in East Bangladesh JSC Exam students. Here is that the Complete Answer obtainable during this post. faculty EIIN or Full Institute JSC Exam Result 2016 transfer Full result Sheet. move to Education Board Web-based Result System For Institution’s official website http://mail.educationboard.gov.bd/web/, then simply choose Education Board Name, Enter your Institute EIIN range then choose Education sort and click on on the Get establishment Result.


The education system in Bangladesh:

After the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, there have been so many education systems in the country. But it is important to set up a proper education system by which a student can become a complete man with body, mind, and soul together education must have the positive impact in a person so that a man can achieve his goal of life. A man of higher education is able to take the right decision in his life. The form of the higher education system must be productive in our Country 



It is true that some of the private and Govt school and Madrasah Universtiy have some drawbacks and limitations but,  by and large, they are rendering quite a laudable service in the education sector of the Our Bangladesh. Any of them try to maintain a very high standard of education. Let us hope that all the private and Govt schools college University and Madrasah Will fulfill the hopes and aspiration of the nation overcoming all of their limitations & drawbacks.

Let’s say the JSC results in 2019 and its equivalent JDC results will be described in 2019

The first junior school certificate exam (JSC exam) and Junior Dakhil Certificate Examination (JDC examination) 1.5 million students participated in history.

Of these, 12,84,078 students participated in JSC examinations.

27,65,653 students participated in the JDC exam.

Total participating schools 18,778


Total Board 9

General Education Board 8.

Madrasa Education Board 1.

A total of 260 centers were operated, out of which 253 countries and 7 were abroad.

A maximum of 3,74,440 students took part in JSC examinations under Dhaka Board.

Minimum 72,500 students participating in JSC examinations under Sylhet Board

By the year 2019, the total number of students in the JSC examination and about 25 million students in the JDC examination.

Number of participants in JSC examinations 19,67,447

Among them, 914,900 men and 1,052,547 women.

Students participating in the JDC exam 358,486

There are 167,770 male and 190,716 female students in the theme.

All the candidates are sitting under 8 general education boards and 1 madrasa education board.

Besides, 885 foreign students are taking part in the JSC examinations under the primary education board.


Results of the JSC 2019 Results of all the education boards

Junior School Certificate Examination in Short JSC Examination and Short JDC Exam-equivalent Junior Dakhil Certificate Examination is a new addition to The Bangladesh education system. This Bangladesh Education Ministry introduced the 8th General Education Board in 2011 and second largest public board examination under 1 Madrasa Education Board. The test is being taken on the full creative (locally Srijannal) question.

After this successful eight years of schooling, the students of Bangladesh are accepted. This means that if a student completes his Class 8 grade study successfully, he is eligible for JSC examination and eligible for JDC examination from madrasa.

Date of publication of JSC results in2019

JSC test schedule is different from other board exams. Generally, JSC exams and equivalent JDC exams are completed within 10 days. And test results are announced within 60 days of the start of the examination.

The country’s first JSC test was held from November 4 to 10, 2011, on 31 December, the results of the Grading System examination were announced.

Everyone had an interest in the JSC grading system. Grading like SSC exams and HSC exams, or will it be replaced by any change?

For your convenience, we have clearly explained the complete grading system in the bottom. Do not miss it!


Mark Range Grade Pointe (GP) Letter Grade  
0 To 32 0.00 F Grade
33 To 39 1.00 D
40 To 39 2.00 C
50 To 59 3.00 B
60 To 69 3.50 A-
70 To 79 4.00 A
80 To 100 5.00 A+


JDC exam grading system in JSC exam

JSC and equivalent JDC exams usually start each year on the same date. The first week of November. And the results were published in the last week of December. If there is no specific reason, this schedule will remain unchanged.

However, the date of examination and the date of publication of the results are announced annually by the Directorate of Primary Education. Immediately after the announcement, we publish all updated information on results, JSC and JDC exams on our website.

So, if there is no specific reason, JSC results will be released on December 31, 2019, and you will get the results very fast.


JSC results from 2019 and JDC results from 2019 publication method

Ministry of Education officially announced the date of publication of JSC exam results in the first and second week of December. On the publication of the results, Bangladesh Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid gave the results of the JSC examination for the General Education Board and the Madrasa Education Board and the result of the JDC examination of the Honorable Prime Minister.


Then the Honorable Prime Minister officially announced the results and joined a video conference with several organizations. Immediately, the results of each organization reached, and candidates will see the results of their respective organizations.

SSC results 2019 Board of Education published in Dhaka Board ..gov.bd

JSC results of 2019 and test results of JDC 2019 in the fastest way

How to see JSC test results, this question is in everyone’s mind. Since this class is a new board exam for 8 students, so many candidates do not know how to see the 2019 JSC results. Earlier, they took part in PSC examinations.

But the methods of observing the results of the JSC exams are not the same as the way of getting the PSC results. The results of the PSC examination are shown under the primary education department, and JSC results are seen under the 2019 Bangladesh Education Board.

This topic is very new to JSC students. But there is no reason to worry. I will show you how to find the first time JSC results without any hassle.


The fastest way to check JSC results 2019

The most straightforward and effective way to get JSC results 2019 is to see from the resultsclip

As a result, on the release day, everyone depends on the official website of the Education Board. Many of them do not know that if they do not implement special strategies, they have suffered huge problems to get results from that site.

But Resultkit is able to get quick results without trouble, figured on the site.

Click here to get results now

Click, open a page like an image below. The information you have asked here must be provided correctly.

So let’s look at how to fill each room.



The first test comes

When you come to this section, you will see “Choose one” in the box and you will see a drop down sign in the right corner.

You have to click here.

A small live menu will open in front of you. The first to be seen is JSC / JDC. Click on that text. Let us see that JSC / JDC has been automatically written in the examination section.


Next step is the year

Here you will see “Choose one” and find the drop-down menu in the right corner. Clicking on the menu will display several lists, including 2019, in the last few years. From here you will have to select 2019 because you want to see JSC results 2019 or JDC 2019 results.

But if you want to see the results of a previous year, you have to select the year from here to the desired year.

Now the question is, how to choose the year?

To do this, just click on the desired year. You can see that the year will be automatically selected. Here you can see 2019. Because you have selected 2019.


Next step Board section

Seeing the title, you understand that you have to give your board name here. Notice that the box next to the board is written in “Choose”. Just like the previous two options.

That means clicking on the right drop-down menu will show 8 Education Boards, 1 Madrasa Board and 1 Technical Board.

The interesting thing is that if you click on the name of the board like the previous section, your preferred board will be selected. Type something by typing.


The type of results we get in the next section

You can see that the result is red in color I know now that the question arises in your mind, where the other sections are black, why is this type of result red?

Let’s find out the answer to this question asking your mind.

Red because it is different from other categories. When you click on the drop-down menu, in the previous sections next to this box, you will see some new categories which are known as personal results, resource outcomes, center results, district results, resource analysis and board analysis.

From here you will have to select individual results. Because you only want to see results of one tester JSC results 2019 Education Board. To say a little easier, you can tell yourself or your kids or JSC results 2019, whom you know the marks of Jesse

As we will see the results of the JSC exams under the Education Board or the results of the JDC exam on the JSC Mark Sheet or the J.D.C. Mark sheet, we will choose separate results.

This is the real word Nonetheless, if you have any confusion, please let us know. We will try to solve your confusion.

By selecting individual results, two new options will appear in front of you.


First, roll number come.
Here is the number of roll numbers of your own JSC examination.

Yes, now you have to type. Education Board: JSC examinations under the Madrasah Education Board and the roll number of 2.5 million applicants participating in the JDC exam cannot be automatically entered here.


HSC  results with full Marksheet of Barisal Board 2019

Instead, manual input is easy and time is saved. Therefore, it must be carefully the input roll number. Now see HSC Result

Now come registration number fields.

You can see that there is “Optional” inside the bracket next to the registration number. This means that it is not mandatory to provide the JSC examination registration number for the results of the JSC results and education board of the year 2016.

You will see the result of JSC results in 2019 Education Board, whether you provide a registration number or not. So, no need to give if you do not want to. However, registration number input has some different advantages.


Let’s know what benefits?

A few years ago, the tester could only see what grade he got from him, but he could not see how many he got.

But in the last few years, an applicant can see how many numbers are available in each subject, including grade points. And to get this facility, the registration number needs input.

That means if you get JSC results 2019 you must keep the registration number, including the JSC Mark Sheet. Otherwise, JSC results can not be found with full JSC mark sheet. Hopefully, it makes sense.


Last step security check

The Education Board website is a very rich information store, for information on the results of the education board here, you have to make a human authentication for yourself, not a robot (not a protection virus) for security purposes.

For this, there will be a picture of some text beside the Security key option and with a transparent text you will find an empty room on the right side of the image, with “visible text type in the left picture”.

Now all the letters written in the image should be placed in that empty cell. Since the security test case is sensitive, since capital letters, small letters, numbers, and places will also be maintained in the same way.

If all information is correct, then you will get the required JSC results of 2019 after clicking on the results result.

By following the procedure, you rarely get the results of the latest JSC results board of education with the JSC mark sheet.

The way to see the JSC results 2019 without any computer or laptop
You will be surprised at what I say. Now I will show JSC results 2019 ways without computer or laptop. Stay with us and know.

People without a smartphone can rarely be found. Everyone from 10 years of age to 60 years old has smartphones. And the biggest advantage of this phone is the variety of applications.

If there is an unlimited quarrel with many computer to work on the Internet, these can be easily done through the application.

Likewise, using the app, JSC results can get faster 2019.

So stop bothering you through more discussion, let’s go straight to the JSC result and get the JDC results from the app.

Download the app from the Play Store, it does not need to guide you. If you know the process then you can ignore this section and dive into the receiving process directly. Many people do not know. Let’s give an overview of them

Download and install an application from Play Store to see JSC result
First go to the Play Store on your Android phone. There will be a search box at the top of the window in the Play Store. Enter the BD results application here.

Many applications will come in front of you in a moment. However, not all applications work properly but provide incorrect information.

So, install the application powered by Spondon IT here. It gives JSC results including a very effective and accurate education board results and full JSC Mark Sheet.

Once installed, open the JSC results more than 5 minutes before publishing 2019. Bangladesh’s education ministry will see the excellent dashboard.

Here you must give accurate information in the examination, board, year, roll number and registration number section.

The interesting thing is that you do not have to test manual in specific cells, board and year type.

In addition to the JSC / JDC examination, all the examinations conducted under the Bangladesh Education Board will be available, in the division of the board and in the year section, the list of the last year will be available with touch examination department. In the year box 2019 will see.


See the video How to see the results of JSC?

From here you can see JSC / JDC, Dhaka Board and 2019 touch.

Now you need to type the roll number and registration number manually by typing. For roll number, write the JSC examination registration number between the JSC exam roll and registration number submission.

GCC Results Dinajpur Board 2019 Please check now for complete mark sheets now
It can not be mistaken in any way. Otherwise, you will not see JSC results 2019 Education Board results.

Your work is almost done. Check all the information again and press the submit button. And wait a few seconds. Yes, you are listening right. Just a few seconds. And you will get desired JSC exam results, including subjectwise grade details.


Get JSC results 2019 without internet

The two methods shown above are the fastest way to see JSC results 2019.

But in both ways, the internet is required. Those who get enough internet access, they can easily see results from JSC Results 2019 Education Board results and applications through any results.

Now, if your internet provider encounters some mistakes or load shedding on that day, how do you see results?

Regardless of today’s problem, we will publish the method to see JSC results without internet.

To get results in this method, you have to accept certain conditions.

1. You need a mobile. Both smartphones or feature phones are okay.

2. An operator operator active in Bangladesh.

3. Available balance will be minimum 2.50 sim.

4. As in the above two steps, this process will be effective after 1pm.

5. Have a message writing message

If you can accept the above terms, the result is a matter of time now.

First, go to your mobile message options.

Type JSC and give a space.

Now enter the first three letters of your board name. And give a space again.

Enter the roll number of your JSC exam and place a space as before.

Enter the year 2019.

Your message is finished. Message 16222 must be sent.

If everything is okay then you will get JSC results in the return SMS.

Where do you get the name of the keyboard shortcode?

Something to worry about. We have already said that we will do our best to help you with the results. In its continuation, the short codes of all the education boards in Bangladesh are given below. See request

Board Name Short Latter
Madrasa Board MAD

Sylhet Board


Rajshahi Board 


Jessore Board


Dinajpur Board


Dhaka Board


Comilla board


Chittagong Board


Barisal Board



How to test the results of 2019 JSS results from the results of the Education Board?

The results can be seen from the official website of the Education Board. We are going to examine the results, all of us have the first goal of examining results from the official website of Bangladesh Education Board.

Yes, of course, we will look, but the main thing is that many of us do not know how to see results from the education board’s website. As a result, they face many annoying experiences.

Earlier, I said that if some tricks are not accepted, the results from the Board of Education Board are hard to find.

This year, 25 million students participated in JSC examinations. Just imagine, half of them are trying to see results from www.educationboardresults.gov.bd.




Imagine, at the same time, the 1.25 million visitors have the ability to board the education board website to carry loads?

I think they do not. So, when you enter the site to see the results, you are facing various error messages.

I know you have a question in mind and no one is seeing it?

Of course, see. You can even see it. But in that case, you need to know the strategy.




Above all, you need a quick Internet. Think of it as soon as you can hit the server, as soon as possible the result is possible.

You are using 1 Mbps speed internet line and using the other 5 Mbps lines to see the results. Say, who is the best prospect of seeing? Of course, use the high-speed internet line.

So through the Internet Internet, the Education Board plays an important role in seeing the JSC exam results from the website, which many people do not know and experience bad experiences.



If you have good internet speed, click here to go to the Education Board website. A dashboard like the one below will open.


From here click on the submit button with the necessary information and get results.

Finally, there are many ways to express the genuine desire for JSC exam candidates and there are many ways to know the JSS results of 2019 Education Board results. But Resultkit is the best choice for you.



Because here you can see JSC results and JDC results without any problems.

Using any method to get you results? Do not forget to let us know


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