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JSC Exam Result 2019,  Now easy and fast to see – Bangladesh Education Board – StudyCarebid.com, Results from the syllabus of Education Board of the year 2014-08. On June 1, 2011, examinations started on Junior School Certificate (JSC) and

JDC Madrasa Board (Junior Dakhil Certificate) examination on 17 November 2011. JSC Exam Results from 2019 And JDC Result 2019 will be Published on December 29, 2012

You can easily get your Jessie results from the mark sheet of 2019 from their official website educationboardresult.gov.bd and Studcyarebd.com. Our site is the best site because all education in Bangladesh is now easy and fast and all job education advice in Bangladesh is available here Studycarebd.com


JSC Exam Result 2019, With Free Full Mark sheet

JSC Exam Result 2019


Hi, gah, publish the results of the JSC and JDC exams here on gas and publish results of all the international universities and publish the PSC results.

All the results of the schools of the United States University of Japan Japan University Bangladesh University Bangladesh All Universities Nepal University and all the notices of publication.


About JSC Exam Result 2019:

Bangladesh Education Board Examination “JSC” Full Finance Junior School Certificate and “JDC” Full Money Junior Entry Certificate This is the second public and largest test in Bangladesh education system. 8 General Board and 1 Madrasa Board are participating in this examination by organizing the 8th JCC / JDC examination. Every year, JSC and JDC exams will begin in the first week of November and will last for a full month.

The results of 2019 Junior School Certificate (JSC) test results for 2019 and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) results will be published on the same date in 2019.

Sometimes it may take several times, but the Education Board will announce the exact date of publication of results of JSC exams each year through Bangladesh Educational Official Site. Publish information to learn more about JSC Exam Results from 2019.

Many students are doing well in this test. This was only a vocational test earlier and would not be given a test. Since 2011, the JSC is fully creative (locally Srijannal) going on the question.

It is said that JSC has been introduced so that poor and vulnerable people of the country can work well in the examination; Candidates are allowed to repeat the test with other regular candidates in the next year if they fail

Bangladesh JSC Exam Result 2019 All Board Given below:

  • Comilla Board JSC Exam Result Now see Click in 2019
  • Chittagong Board JSC Exam Result Now see Click 2019
  • Dinajpur Board JSC Exam Result Now see Click 2019
  • Dhaka Board JSC Exam Result  Now see Click 2019
  • Rajshahi Board JSC Exam Result Now see Click 2019
  • Jessore Board JSC Exam Result Now see Click 2019
  • Madrasah Board JSC Exam Result Now see Click 2019
  • Sylhet Board and JSC Exam Result Now see Click 2019
  • JSC Exam Result, Now see Click Barisal Board


JSC Exam Result 2019 Publish Date:

JSC/JDC results 2019 and JDC results will be Share in December 2019, last December 2019. The 2012 ZDC results will be published in 2019. End of JSC examinations in November 2019, all JSC and JDC students are waiting for their results.


JSC Exam Result 2019 Bangladesh All Education Board

28 lakh students will attend JSC and JDC exams in 2019. If you want to test the results of JSC (Junior School Certificate) and JDC (Junior Entry Certificate) Bangladesh Education Board, 2019. Then Bangladesh Education Board JSC Exam Results can be obtained from support buttons like Twitter. , Google+ or Facebook page.


JSC Result 2017 Bangladesh All Education Board


Generally, when JSC Exam Results are published in different ways, it will only provide your GPA. If you want to test your mark sheet which means the result of the content knowledge, you will have to download the complete mark sheet.

The adult sheet of education board is available in various ways to check or download BD public exam results. You can follow one or more reasons to get it fast and free.

The announcement date will be published at 2 pm. And you can check your Mark Sheet after March 6. At present, the Education Board says that “you can check the detailed results of 2015 at 5 pm”, but it will be added after 6th of the publication date. After testing your GPA at 2 pm, you will have to wait until 6 pm to complete the results.

Then, visit the Education Board Result Web Portal and follow the same procedure you have already given once to test your GPA. You can send a message with the same SMS format and 16222 with the same information.

To save your valuable bars, if you have checked your results for the first time by SMS, you can send a message again to download the JSC Exam Results mark sheets.

Android Smartphone users are eligible to test their JSC exam results in 2019 with full mark sheets under the BD results (official apps) including Education Board BD. Follow the previous guideline to know more.

Android Smartphone users are eligible to test their JSC exam results in 2019 with full mark sheets under the BD results (official apps) including Education Board BD. Follow the previous guideline to know more

JSC/ JDC Results by App

If you have a Google account, you can install it directly from the Google Play Store Search BD results (official apps). After searching through these keywords, you will see many search results. Click the BD results (official apps) developed by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited.

To install apps, be sure to sign in to Google Play with your Gmail ID.

If you fail to install applications from Google Play, you can download free applications from any source on the Internet at any one place. There are a number of websites available on the APK version of BD Result (Official Application).

You can download it to see the results of your JSC board in 2019. After successful download, install the apps on your device. Then follow the guideline here:

  • Instructions to get results from the Android app
  • Open the app 5 minutes before publishing results through Education Board Bangladesh Online and SMS.
  • Please check online from the results of the education board due to the results of the Education Board of similar results with the results of the Education Board.
  • Select education type as JSC / JDC, enter the year of examination as your year, your education board name, your roll number, registration number, and human verification code.
  • Then after publishing results, click the submit button (after 2 pm) and get your junior school certificate results.

Check JSC Exam Result 2019 Mobile User: Click Here

Other Sites To Get JSC Exam Result 2019

Bangladesh Ministry of Education Board has published the JSC Exam Result 2019 And JDC Result 2019 of Junior School Certificate and JSC Exam Result Publish official website www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. The result will be available here on this site Studycarebd.com

Get JSC Exam Result 2019 Mobile SMS method:

If you do not have an internet connection, do not worry, you can get JSC Exam Results 2019 from your mobile. Bangladesh offers mobile SMS to the results of JSC examination of any mobile operator service. For results of JSC / JDC/ Equivalent exam, Type- JSC/JDC <space> Your Education Board The first three letters <space> Roll Number <space> Passing Year and send to 16222

For Example: JSC <space> DHA <space> 136585 <space> 2019 send to 16222. Replay Message Send your JSC/JDC Result.

JSC Exam Result Marksheet 2019

Over 15 lakh students of 8305 institutes in the country provide education in JSC (Junior School Certificate) examination in 2019. Total Education Board 8 (eight) and 1 (one) JDC Madrasa Education Board are operating one month long JSC exam 2016. This is the result of the Junior Entry Certificate (JDC) of 2019 equivalent. So, prepare your JSC Exam Results 2019 for Bangladesh.

Get JSC Exam Result Marksheet Now see 2019

JSC Exam Result 2019 by EIIN Number Full Institutions Results

Students will get the first JSC Exam Results, 2019, through the results of full organization results of the EIN number. High Viewer, today’s ISIN number is provided by Eboardresults.com to show how to get complete institutions with JSC exam results2019. EIIN FINALLY ACCEPTED IDENTIFICATION OF PROFILE IN EFI.

This system easily gets your JSC examination results in 2019. All the Education Boards of Bangladesh have been published at the same time by the June EEIR School Certificate (JSC) http://mail.educationboard.gov.bd/web/. This method so first publish the result.

Then publish the results of the Bangladesh Board of Education publication site educationboardresults.gov.bd site. Because all school teachers in the institute can examine the results of their complete resource by the school EIEN number.

SIC results published 2019 a few days ago by EIIN number. This year all students easily collect your results. Please check your results with the Wise JSC Exam Results 2019 below. JSC Exam Results in EIIN Number Official Publication website eboardresults.com.

Get Your JSC Exam Result by EIIN Number

Results of JSC All Education Boards: 

Education Board, Bangladesh Regulatory Archive (Portal) will publish the results of JSC Exam Results of all the education boards at the same time and the same. We have added this page to this page, you will be able to test all the Education Board JSC Exam Results in 2019.

However, we recommend that you check the results of your JSC Board www.educationboardresults.gov.bd from the official website of BD Education Board.

To find the official website of the Education Board from the search engine, go to your default search engine and click on the search box. Then type the Gov BD for the results of the www Education Board and then press the Search button to press Enter.

After this, you can find out the official site for the 2019 Education Board Bangladesh JSC Exam Results test. There are eight (8) general education boards available for the JSC Exam Results from 2019 exam and the Madrasah Education Board is available to test the results of the 2019 JDC (Junior Dakhil Certificate) results.

You can visit your specific Education Board website to test results very quickly. In the upper part of the Junior School Result section of 2011, we already check the details of information contained in this post.


2019 JSC Results in Dhaka Education Board:

The JSC Exam Results of the 2011 Dhaka Education Board can be examined by mobile SMS, online, and Android apps. If you are under JSC examination under Dhaka Education Board, you can easily test your results in different ways.

If you want to see results from your board of education at the Bangladesh Board of Education, please visit www.educationboardresults.gob.bd and then follow the guidelines for the type of education, type JSC / JDC, board name Dhaka, 2019 and other specifications Different for the person.

You can also check your results from the official website of Dhaka Education Board. First, go to the website of Dhaka Board and then click on the results menu from the sidebar. Then, click on the Result link and follow the instructions to test the JSC Exam Results of the Dhaka Board of the year8-08-08. You can also see the results of Dhaka Board of 2019 from your mobile SMS. Just go to the message option and type Image code:


Then, send messages from any mobile number to 16222. After successfully sending the message, you will receive a message with your results (GPA only). Detailed results will be available after 6 pm on the same day.


JSC Results of Chittagong Education Board 2019

JSC Exam Results of the Chittagong Education Board can be found on the Education Board of Bangladesh online results archive. If you have examined the Junior School Certificate Examination 2019 under the Chittagong Education Board, you will find the latest update procedures here to test the results of the JC Board Board of 2019 under Chittagong Board.

To check the results of the Chittagong Education Board from the Internet, just go to the BD Education Board results check the page and then follow the instructions. You can also check your results from the official website of the Chittagong Education Board, where you will find instant results of server diameter, connection error or more without any problems.

Those who do not have internet connectivity, you can now see your JSC publication results in 2019 through Mobile SMS. Just go to SMS option from your handset and then type Image Code:


Then send the message to 16222 from the mobile that you are using now. When you send the message, 2.44 will be charged from your mobile account and you will receive a response SMS from your feedback.


Jessore Education Board

Jessore Board JSC Exam Results 2017 To check the JSC Exam Results from 2019 under the Education Board of Jessore, one simple task must be done. Check the official website address of the Jessore Education Board and test the Jessore Board results from 2019. The best way to test the results of JSC and all other public examinations under the results of Jessore Education Board is online. Just go to Jessore Board GoGo BD and follow the instructions to check your JSC exam results.

You can test the JSC Exam Results of Jessore Board of 2019 by Mobile SMS, You can follow the conditions and SMS format for the quick test of your results. Just open the SMS option and type sender 16222 and then, type the information below before sending the message.


After sending a message from your number, you will get the results of the selected roll number of the same mobile through a message from 16222. You can view your results through the Android applications of BD results from your smartphone.


2019 JSC Exam Results of the Rajshahi Education Board

This important part of the JSC examinations under the Rajshahi Education Board. Do you want to see the result of the results of the 2015 Rajshahi Education Board? Full instructions for the results of JSC examinations of 2019 Rajshahi Education Board are available here. Examination or their guardians who want to test junior school certificate exams from 2019 results

Board Challenge Result 2019

JSC and JDC Board Challenge 2019 Reset Results 2019 Junior School Certificate (JSC) Board Challenge Results Junior School Certificate (JSC) test results will be published in the last week. Probably December December 29, in December 2012, December. You can apply the board challenge after this date. If you believe that your published JSC/ JDC results are not right for your actual results. Then you can challenge your results on the Education Board of Bangladesh.

JDC/JSC Result 2019 Board Challenge/Re-scrutiny by SMS:

1st SMS: RSC <space> 1st 3 letter of your Education board <space> JSC Roll <space> Subject code and send it 16222.

Example: RSC COM 345344 101 send it 16222. (Here 101 is subject code and COM is Comilla board name).

After sending your 1st SMS you will receive a reply. They provide you a PIN number and inform you how much amount is deductive on your account. After that, you have to send 2nd Messages.

2nd SMS: RSC <space> YES <space> PIN Number <space> Your Contact Number and send it 16222.

Example: RSC YES 112352222 0157xxxxxxxx and send it 16222.

You can also apply more subjects in one SMS. If you want that then use a comma (,) in every subject.

Example: RSC DHA 383344 101.102,106 and send it 16222.


Mark Distribution System:

Education Board GPA (Grade Point Average) of Bangladesh, which gives results based on the average grade point (GP) of each subject. If you score 70 (Seventy), GP will be marked as 4.00 and 69 (Sixth Nine) mark, it will calculate GP 3.50. For better understanding, the mark distribution chart is given below. Note: Publish results of all Bangladeshi public examinations with this GPA method.

Marks Within Grade Point Letter Grade
0 to 32 0.00 F
33 to 39 1.00 D
40 to 49 2.00 C
50 to 49 3.00 B
60 to 69 3.50 A-
70 to 79 4.00 A
80 to 100 5.00 A+


See JDC & JSC Board Challenge Result 2019/ JSC Khata Challenge Result 2019.

After a complete JSC Results, start admission in all secondary schools. Our site will be published in the forthcoming Canada Canada School Admission, USC School Admission, UK School Admission, Australia School Admission Notification and Notification.

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