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HSC Result 2020-Higher Secondary Certificate Exam-BD education board

HSC Exam Result 2020-Secondary School Certificate Secondary School Certificate for Examination. Students interested in knowing the results of HSC 2020 can learn all the information from this place. Bangladesh Directorate of Secondary Education controls the exam. http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/regular/index.php After publishing the results, you will find it from the official website. If you and your parents are concerned about this HSC examination result 2020, Then read the full content and you’ll receive the exact information from here. Hello Gas HSC Exam Result Publish 7/19/2020 So here HSC Exam Result checks easily & Quklay anywhere.

HSC Exam Result 2020

HSC Exam Result 2018
HSC Exam Result 2020

Release Date – HSC2020 Score: After giving the HSC2020 exam, students and their parents will be interested to know the HSC result. Nowadays everyone is thinking about the results and questions have become the most popular of all. You will feel lucky when you know you will get more information from here and you really need it. As we all know, HSC exams begin on April 1 of each year. Accordingly, the HSC exam will also start on April 1, 2020 and conclude on May 9, 2020.

The Education Council of Bangladesh has issued a rule that after 90 days of each general council examination or 60 days after completing the last writing test, the results will be published. Although the Ministry of Education has not yet announced the date for release of the results, accordingly, we can say that the HSC 2020 exam results will be published in the first week of August 2020. Once we receive accurate information about the result release date, we will update it on our website. Therefore, visit our website and get more information about this topic.

Link: You will find the HSC 2020 exam results from this official website at http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd

The HSC exam plays an important role in a student’s life. Nowadays, students face many General Assembly exams. Initially, students need to take the PSC (Primary School Certificate) exam in Chapter One. They will then face the JSC (Middle School Certificate) Examination in Chapter 8, while the tenth grade students will take the SSC (Secondary School Certificate) exam. This is one of the biggest tests. After that, the students were promoted to college and studied there for two years. Then they give the high school exams. This is truly the biggest occasion for students. Because, after passing the HSC exam, they will be accepted to universities to finish graduation.

Check the HSC result separately for the plate separately:
HSC score of Comilla board
Chittagong Education HSC Board scores
Results of the HSC Barisal Council
Results of HSC Examination of Saka Education Board
HSC score of Dinajpur board
Jessore Education HSC Board Score
Sylhet board’s HSC score
School Education Council – Scientists in 2020
BTEB Technical Education Council Results 2021

The HSC 2020 exam will begin on April 1 and run until May 9, 2020. The Board of Education will take the HSC 2020 exam. In Bangladesh, there are 10 boards to be found. There are 8 general education councils, one is the school council and the other is the technical education board. Each council has different activities. Here we describe education board sections, HSC results release dates and more. Now I will give you some information. So, read the things below.

View HSC Result Post Date For Previous Years:

The 2017 HSC Score was posted on July 23, 2017
The HSC 2016 results were published on August 18, 2016
The 2015 HSC score was published August 9, 2015
The HSC 2014 results were published August 13, 2014
The 2013 HSC score was published on August 3, 2013
The results of HSC 2012 were published on July 18, 2012

So we can say that the results of HSC 2020 will be published in the first week of August 2020

SMS format HSC score 2020

There are many people in Bangladesh who do not have internet connection. Even many people do not know the use of the Internet and do not know the consequences. So, to get their HSC result, they have to rely on the SMS format of their mobile phone. This is another option for getting the HSC 2020 result. The format of the SMS is as follows:

Just recharge your mobile phone balance (Tk 2.5+) and start the process to get the results of the 2020 HSC exam.
Initially, take your mobile phone in your hand and go through the option of writing letters.
Enter the first three letters of your education board’s name HSC <Space> <Space> Enter the six-digit HSC number <Space> HSC year obtained by the Education Council.
Then you should send this message to 16222.
After that, an SMS will be sent to your mobile phone. And in these short messages, you get your name and GPA.
You must send a message from the CORS after the HSC 2020 Exam results have been published by the Education Council and at noon.
For each successful SMS you will be charged Rs 2.50+ (incl. VAT + SD + SC)
How to check HSC result in SMS form

Type HSC <Space-> JS <Space-> 345678 <-space-> 2020 and send to 16222.
{Note: The first three letters of the JSES Jessore Board of Education are three
Since Teletalk supports SMS result processing through mobile phones, you can get the result very easily and very quickly through the Teletalk operator.

The first three letters of all the Boards of Education are given below:

Education Board Name 1st three Letter
Dhaka Education Board DHA
Dinajpur Education Board DIN
Chittagong Education Board CHI
Comilla Education Board COM
Rajshahi Education Board RAJ
Jessore Education Board JES
Barisal Education Board BAR
Madrasah Education Board MAD
Technical Education Board TEC

HSC scored 2020 online

Today, this is the most common question that I can check online for high school diploma results for 2020? And the answer will always be positive. This is the best way to test the scoreboard score. At 2:30 pm on the day of the results release, you can check your HSC results very quickly from the internet. Here it is enough to verify the registration number and registration high school certification results for the students besides just the council name. Here you will find two or more affiliate sites to verify your HSC results. Here I will tell you about the HSC result check by the websites. Therefore, read the following article:

Government Bid Education Board Result:

This is the official result of the entrance examination of the Education Council of Bangladesh. To check general test results, you can visit this website. Here you will get the results of PSC, JSC, SSC and HSC. Here we know how to get the HSC 2020 results.

First you have to look at the official website link http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/, then set up the HSC registration number, education board registration number and name. After giving all the information, click the “Submit” button and you will get the HSC2020 Exam results.


This is part of the Education Council update verification. From here you will get additional benefits. You can quickly check the results of your high school diploma by entering the Education Council Registration Number, Registration Number and Name. The full score sheet, as well as the intelligent number magazine, are also available here. Go to this link http://www.studybookbd.com and see the HSC result shortly.

Get HSC Score 2020 with EIIN number

You can get the HSC 2020 exam results by looking for the education number. Your HSC results, as well as your overall score, can be found very easily by this method. Select your education board and then enter your college number EIIN. After that, you will get the HSC score as well as the full college score.

[su_button url = “https://studybookbd.com/hsc-result-2020-number-with-mark-sheet/” background = “# e05e16”] Get HSC Results By AIN Number [/ su_button]

Download MARC Paper – HSC 2020 Result:

With the release of the HSC results, students have become excited about their score sheet. There are two types of tag paper. One is letter mark paper and the other is paper based on number marks. All education boards are able to download each mark paper. These two types of tag sheets will be available from the day the result is published. For each general exam, the Education Council presents a score sheet based on numbers, from the 2020 SSC exam results.

[su_button url = “https://studybookbd.com/hsc-result-2020-number-with-mark-sheet/” background = “# 0a9d0a”] Check HSC Result Number Using Marksheet 2020 [/ su_button]

So, since you have the HSC 2020 exam, you can download your HSC score sheet with the full score you got. Here I will tell you the process of downloading the HSC2020 tag sheet with the number sheet.

You can download the public score sheet for the HSC 2020 exam results from the Gov BD website www education board, however, in this entry, the number-based score sheet will not be available. After the release of the HSC results, the examiner will only be able to see their latest estimate. After a while, the sheet will be added to the intelligent tag number on the server.

You can find the cute HSC Mark 2020 magazine from http://www.eboardresults.com. Check the link after the results are published at 4pm and get your tag sheet along with the subject number.

HSC Result 2020 Full Education Board:

After passing the General Secondary Certificate Examination (SSC) Examination, students have the option of attending a two-year college of higher secondary education or attending a technical institute or applied charter in their specialization. Every year, HSC exams begin in Bangladesh from April to the end of May. The HSC exam routine has been publishing our site for the past 2 months. The HSC results will be published in August 2020.

The grading system in HSC Exam Result

Marks Within Grade Point Letter Grade
0 to 32 0.00 F
33 to 39 1.00 D
40 to 49 2.00 C
50 to 49 3.00 B
60 to 69 3.50 A-
70 to 79 4.00 A
80 to 100 5.00 A+


I hope this writing allows you to know a lot about the HSC Result 2020. Again you can contact us if you want to know more. We’re here to help. And thanks so much for visiting us. Hope you’ll now get your HSC result easily without any trouble.

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