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Getting your exam All Results

Will I get my test results?

Exam results are usually available online six weeks after your test. A printed copy will be sent soon after.

Where are the post-test results sent?
If you are a school student, your results (hard copies) will be posted to your school. If you are a personal candidate, you will be posted to your home address.

Will I get my test certificate?
For Pearson ideal candidates, the original certificates are usually available for the January / June session for the June / June session and for the November.

For Cambridge International exam candidates, the original certificates are expected to be available for the month in March / November session and in the May / June session in March.

Candidates enrolled in the following centers must collect their certificates from the British Council, their personal statement or valid international passport will be created:

  • 90320

If the candidates can not collect their certificates personally, they must be able to collect any authorization letter with their approval letter or valid international passport for them.

In the above list, candidates registered in a center will collect their certificates from their respective schools.

https://web.facebook.com/groups/Result Notice/

Do you expect the results?

If you expect a higher mark – or you have not created enough grades for your chosen university or college places – do not be afraid. You may be able to repeat your exam or even request a remark in some cases. Find out about retaking and retype testing.

Getting your exam All Results

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