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NTRCA 16th Teacher’s Registration Exam Circular 2020

16th NTRCA Circular 2020 Teachers Registration. The NTRCA can issue a notice. Fifteen NTRCA teachers have the right to participate in the 2020 Exam Notification notice. Post the results of the following exam 2020 Registration and Certification Organization for private teachers via the NTRCA website on the World Wide Web. Webtr.teletalk.com.bd.

NTRCA Job Result 2020 is a three-phase order. This job notice creates huge potential for these people. The subjects of the college and college level 2 subjects and the auxiliary exams on August 25, 2020 and the compulsory subjects exams and secondary subjects for the exam August 25, 2020.

16th NTRCA Circular 2020 Teachers Registration

NTRCA – Sixteenth Teacher Registration Information 2020 Date and time: Eighth – NTRCA registration of teacher information published and published on the World Wide Web.study book bd. This notice will likely be printed from February 2020 to 2020. For the tenth time teacher registration, see circular readings

The date and time of the eighth NTRCA request:

Submission start date: March 6, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Application deadline: April 3, 2017, 6:00 pm
Deadline fee: April 06, 2017 6:00 pm (within 72 hours of submitting the application online)

Website: www.ntrca.teletalk.com.bd
Application fee: 350 / – (TK 300 / – only)

How to apply for NTRCA transcripts

Eligible students must apply through NET. Apply on the last day of application. The seventh fee paid for two hours is the online use of the SIM Teletalk. Just view the application, select the topic, and click “Next”. Then click Submit.

How to pay the application fee

Those who are qualified and ready to use NTRCA. It will be used online for the third time in April 2020. After completing the online form, the person must be forced to pay the application fee after 1 / = (three hundred) CUs in Bangladesh. .

First message: Candidates sent to NTRCA 16222 User ID will receive a PIN along with information from other people.

Message 2: A positive pin 16222 has been sent to NTRCA. Finally, the candidate receives a confidential confirmation message.

Check our fees online: http://ntrca.teletalk.com.bd/options/pay.php

Full online application fee when. You will get a user ID and privacy. Save the next user ID and password. Such as communication, passport and transmission of results.

Download the 15th NTRCA Acceptance Card

Download free gas here, download the 8th NTRC Card that has been accepted here quickly and easily, and publish all government acceptance certificates in Bangladesh


Sixteenth NTRCA teacher registration during the FIFA exam date

  • Viva test will take place in February 2020. Follow the instructions below
  • The information provided is the only candidate who received the fifth NTRCA exam.
  • Educational eligibility test, existing applicants will not be eliminated
  • Newly passed candidates can apply.
  • Present candidates submit certificates and transcripts and accept cards.
  • All documents must be approved above any educational institution.
  • Now click on the result of the fourteenth teacher registration exam

Teacher Registration Notice 2020

Interested candidates must register online with the NTRCA Teacher Registration Exam. The application is completed in two stages. In the first stage, applicants must fill out the NTRCA online form at ntrca.teletalk.com.bd. You will need to provide Teletalk payment form for this series. The first step in communication will be the MCQ race, where the serial test can control the written test, and finally, applicants will have to find an oral voice, and the MCQ test for college and level will be done separately.

Fifteen departments of the NTRCA Council will be deployed in June according to the non-governmental program. Applicants must apply by July 2021. Therefore, MCQ test results and MCQ levels will be held in August 2020.

The 16th NTRCA written test will be held on December 15, 2020.

Full Notice Download




Job Exam Result

BD All results for the Public and Private Writing Writing Exam Below are our posts on BD Education job publishing and Biwa 2020 results publication. Bangladesh Government Job, NTRCA Private Teacher Registration, Private Teacher Exam History and Results, and Banking Services.

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