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14th ntrca viva results from 2018. The 14th NTRC teacher registration will be published shortly after the Viva test date. Probably 14 entrance exams will be held in the last week of June 2016. Private teacher registration and certification authority authorities will soon announce the timetable in the Viva description. The 14th ntrca mcq test results were published on October 31, 2017 and written exams were held on December 9, 2017. However, the 14th NTRCA Viva test will start from June 24, 2018. Now, for final recruitment to announce the results of 14 Entrepreneur Viva.

14th Ntrca Viva Results 2018

14th Ntrca Viva Results 2018


Examinations of 14th Teacher’s Registration Camp were held from June 2012 in Entrepreneurship. Written results published March 2018 Now time to announce the date of the test. Viva test will be held for 20. The authorities have been prepared for the Viva test. 12 of them will be based on the Marx education certificate and 8 will be held for general knowledge and mentality.

NTRCA Written Exam Date 2018, When the authorities issued the notification, the written examination date was fixed with the circular. So, the 14th NTRC written examination will be held in December 2014. School level is written examination will be held on 8th December and college level are written examination will be held on 9th December,2018.

School Level Written Exam Date: 08 December 2018
College Level Written Exam Date: 09 December 2018

14th NTRCA MCQ Result 2018:


Important Time Line for 14th NTRCA Exam Circular:

  1. Online Application Form Admission Start Date: June 06, 2018 [Till 3.00pm]
  2. Online submission of submission of application: 10 July, 0188 [6.00]
  3. Date and time of school and school-2, mcq examination: 25th August 1988 [10:00 to 11:00]
  4. School and School-2 written date and time of written examination: December 08, 0188 [9 am to 12.00pm]
  5. Date and time of the college MKC examination: August 25, 2015 [3:00 pm to 4.00 pm]
  6. College written examination date and time: December 09, 01888 [9:00 am to 12.00 pm]


  How To Apply For Ntrca Msq Result 2018:                                   

Hard copies of printed application form for college level will be sent to khaki-colored farm
A hard copy of the printed application form for school level-2, assistant teacher (computer), lecturer (computer science and computer operations) will be sent to the White Colored Lift.
SMS method for the 14th NTRCA examination: SMS Fee: 350 /

First SMS: NTRCA<space>User ID And send it to 16222

Second SMS: NTRCA<space>Yes<space>PIN And send it to send to 16222

The date of registration of the 14th NTRC teacher registration has been announced. Date and time of 14th NTRCA School and School-2, MKQ Examination: 25th August, 018. 10:00 to 11.00 pm and college level exams will be held from August 25, 2018, 3:00 to 4:00. 14th NTRCA Examination Notice Online Application 2018

How to recover user IDs, serials, and pins:

You can only recover USER ID, serial and PIN using Teletalk Mobile SIM. Just follow the steps below for user ID, serial and pin

If you know your user ID, type NTRCA <space> hpp <space> user id and send it to 16222

For example, type user id then ntrcllbbhhd and send it to 16222

If you only know your PIN number, then type NTRC <space> help <space> pin and send it to 16222

For example, type the user ID then NTRCA support 25489632 and send it to 16222

14th Teacher Registration Examination Course:

We will update the 14th Teacher Registration Test School Level and College Level Syllabus on our website.

Download 14th NTRCA School Level Syllabus

Download 14th NTRCA College Level Syllabus

If you have any question about 14th NTRCA teachers registration circular and its exam Syllabus 2018 then comment below or you can message us through the facebook page.

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