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13 Accredited midwifery programs in 2020. Nurse-Midwife, quite simply, is one of the most important roles in modern health care. Many people may hear “midwife” either old-fashioned or even historically, nurse midwives must not be of the past. In fact, they are birthing current and in the future. With extensive training of the most current medical research; Most up-to-date, evidence-based nursing practice. Also, women’s care-for-the-art, nurse midwives are best for pregnancy and birth. Also, possible mothers and potentially all newborns for the whole world. In this article, we will provide you important information about the following; Certified nurse-midwifery programs, midwifery schools, and online midwifery programs.

What is a midwife?

In a modern clinical sense, a midwife is a nurse or health professional who provides special training in women’s reproductive health care. In general, women help midwives through maternal care, pregnancy, childbirth, and childbirth. However, midwifery training extends to other aspects of women’s health such as puberty and family planning services. Therefore, midwives are generally in favor of accepting certificates for women’s health (WNNP) and midwifery certificates.

Although there are different types of professional midwives, Certified Midwives (CNM) licensed to practice throughout the country. Nursing (MSN) Master of Science for CNM certification requires a degree of success in an active nursing practice (RN) and American Midwifery Certificate Certification (AMCB) exam.

Certified Midwives (CMS) require the same certificate as the Charter, but they do not have to have a RN license. Only Delaware, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, and New York are currently allowing CMs to practice certified power.

Online midwifery program

Midwifery is one of the oldest medical specialties. There are many misconceptions with this story. For example, common ideas are that only midwives are available to help pregnant women during pregnancy and pregnancy. In fact, modern midwives do a lot of work.

Certified midwives specialize in a full range of health problems for women. They can work even in hospital, disobedient/gynecological office even in personal consultation. For example, an online midwifery program is an attractive alternative for affiliate registered nurses (RNs) to care for women in order to find a fruitful and profitable property.

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Online Midwifery Program Experience

Online midwifery programs often include a range of clinical courses and hours. Hours of credit hours and clinical practice depends on the student’s past experience, education level and expected outcomes. For example, the MSN Online program can fill a nurse, over 80 credit hours and 500 to 1200 clinical hours by monitoring the urine nursing and phonetic nursing master. Midwifery focuses on nursing that corresponds to the length of the DNP program.

However, MSN scores RNN can only complete a short program of 24 to 40 credit hours and 600 to 1000 clinical hours if you want to add CNM certification. Many of these programs are available in online or fully integrated online formats. However, it is clear that the clinical requirements must be met to situate.

In order to promote an engaging and reliable education environment, such online midwifery programs provide students:

Distribute a cloud-based digital hub, communicate with, and of course, turn to content
Multimedia infrared learning tutorials and content
Embedded communication and collaboration tools for student-professors and students interaction
Tech Support Services for tackling software and hardware issues

Online access to the Midwifery program

You can take different ways to be a licensed and certified midwife, however, the most thorough and comprehensive programs focus on training and certification for CNM. This means that the admission officers are looking for candidates to meet the following criteria:
Nursing (BSN) graduate from an approved university or college
An active registered nurses license in a good location
As a work experience in a minimal amount (quantity changes by resource)
Programs have comparative requirements for CM certification but there is no need for an active RN license for admission.
In some cases, colleges and universities will allow applicants to get a RN and Midwife certificate at the same time. In this case, CNM certificates are generally regarded as an RN privilege alternative similar to the Family Nurses Certificate (FnP).
Some school midwifery experts offer doctoral programs in nursing practice (DNP). Although there are BSN-DNP systems, most of the DNP programs are designed online for PhD DNA with MNN degree. Without a PhD These programs are longer and more expensive than MSN based programs.

The certified online nurse-midwifery program curriculum

Certified Nurses Midwives are excellent practitioners nurses who care for women for less risky pregnancy from labor care through labor and delivery. Midwives provide health care services for adolescent women through menopause, with women’s primary care, gynecologic and family planning services, pregnancy care, childbirth and childbirth. On this page, aspiring nurses outline educational paths available to midwives, as well as licensing and certification information to advance your certified nurse-midwife career.
Whatever the path, the general course of an online nurse midwifery specialist program will include such topics as:

Reproductive Health

Women’s mental, emotional, and behavioral health
Gynecological care
Maternity health
Labor and birth
Postnatal Health


Outside of course work, clinical experience is an important aspect of a certified nurse-midwifery program – even online midwifery programs. This practicable rotation potentially allows midwives to have the necessary skills and techniques on hand-on-hand experience with such experience:

Physical examination
Cycle testing
The birth
Intrapartum Experience
Pre- and postnatal tests
Newborn test
Gynecological care
Midwife Certification (American Midwifery Certification Board – AMCB)
When selecting an online certified nurse-midwifery program, the subject of acceptance. There are several organizations that manage the American Midwives and Nurse’s license and certification. They include:

American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB)
Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME)
North American Registration of Midwives (NARM)
Midwifery Education Approval Council (MEAC)
Nursing Education for Education Commission for a Nursing (ACEN)
Collegiate Nursing Education Commission (SCENE)
Among them, AMCB is the only organization that has the power to issue a CNM certificate approved in all 50 states. AMCB also makes CM certification, which is a less acceptable issue. While assessing the candidates for these certificates, AMCB will complete its training course in ACME accredited institutions as well as training courses.

Besides, CNN and CM license will be renewed every 5 years. For this reason, AMCB remains an important point of contact for certified midwives across their careers.

Full details of CNM, CMS and CPM certificates can be found on the AMCB website.

The importance of online nurses midwifery programs

Nurse Midwives are special for many reasons. On the one hand, they can provide a form of care near the nostologist and gynecologist, because their nursing training provides practical care for the patient for their experience. In addition, nurse midwives can provide a valuable compromise between mothers who are concerned about the safety of the medical delivery environment and the presence of intestinal presence in the clinical nature of delivery.

However, perhaps most importantly, nurse midwives play an important role in providing medical care in rural and remote areas where there is less or no OB-GYN in practice. Like other experts, nurse Midwife Nurses-Midwifery must be prepared to make a doctor of the ideal Nursing Practice (DNP) for anti-level positions.

The National College of Nurses-Midwives (ACNM), which approve nurse-midwifery programs, opposed the trend, that MSN provides all the necessary education when the midwives are extremely important for essential schooling.

Best Online Nurses Midwifery Program Rankings

In order to rank top 13 online nurse-midwifery programs, BSN top RNN, regional certifications, as well as ACME certification, along with many others, in the study of midwifery MSN and DNP programs in the United States, including the hybrid, and low-resident nurses in the United States. We then transferred the program according to three issues:

Cost: Present teaching (according to IPEDS)
Reputation: Current Nissi Score
Return on investment: Existing student salary (according to college scorecard)
This combination provides the best balance of quality, affordability and job market authority for nurse-midwifery graduates.

Midwife Career

As a professional career, becoming CNN is becoming the most versatile and profitable way of Midwife to take three alternatives. Often, this path is translated into Women Practitioner’s Certificate (WHNP), which can increase clinical standards and professional prospects of the doctor.

Until 2026, the labor statistics bureau hopes that a strong growth rate of 31% for skilled nursing professionals, MSN scores are needed. Only 2016-2017, the number of midwives employed in the United States increased by 21%.

Midwives certified by CNM got competitive compensation with other special RNS. In the United States, the average annual income of the Midwives registered in the United States in 2010 was more than $ 100,000. An external link, which reached some $ 70 an hour salary rate.

Here is a list of 13 authorized midwifery programs in 2011
This forum has done proper research and summarizes a list of authorized midwifery schools. Click the link below for more information.

James Madison University
Nursing College of Colorado College
Texas Tech University
University of Washington
Georgetown University
George Washington University
Stone Brook University
Kansas University
Baylor University
University of East Carolina
University of Cincinnati
Bethel University
Old Dominion University
James Madison University
There are two hundred and seventy-two posts for a nursing degree and two master’s degrees in nursing degrees from the James Madison University in the United States. Kipling JMU’s Top 100 Personal Financial Personalities are generally considered as one of the best pricing for their money.

Although the JMU symbol emphasizes respectful schools and sports teams, the small size of the classroom contributes to being one of the most quality communities for nursing students, and it is a mother

Nursing College of Colorado College

Colorado DAVVA Medical Campus University is one of the most famous medical and health science institutes in the country. In the late 19th century, it returned to the real medical school in Colorado, which took the curriculum of Denver due to the city’s population growth.

According to the US News and World report, the Sew Health Program was the top among the top 20 programs, many of them are in the top ten. Dating in Nursing College, 1898, is especially appreciated. The University of Colorado focuses primarily on academics excellence, classification, and rewards that have won.

Texas Tech University

Founded in 1923, Texas Tech University, one of the founders of the Texas Tech University System. It is based on a century of tradition in technical and training fields. Texas Tech University was established as a technical university, which provides vocational training to the people of western Texas, where there is no public institution for higher education.

However, it was clear that the need was present, and today, with almost 40,000 students. Essential for a career in the Texas tech region. In the list of the best national universities in the year 2020, the Texas Tech University has been ranked first with 180 countries, and this is especially known for the TTU Center for Health Sciences. It’s one of the best midwifery schools.

University of Washington

One of America’s best national universities is classified by news and reports until 2020. Washington State University of Washington led by social science, medicine, engineering, and business programs. Ubud was founded in 1861, it returned to Seattle and it was included as a city and the Washington area was long before it was accepted into the state.

In other words, the Seattle and Washington states give a lot of credit to the University of Wisconsin, which is not just a great school, but the lifestyle of the Pacific region. In addition, nursing graduates are already one of the cities with the highest salary for nurses.

Georgetown University

Georgetown University is a school that does not need a role. With nearly 7,000 students, Georgetown University is recognized as one of the country’s most elected and elite institutions, it achieves very competitive acceptance. As the first Catholic University in the country’s capital, Georgetown University has huge educational and political impact.

Along with the oldest Catholic school and world-famous Georgetown Medical Center, Georgetown is one of the most influential institutions in the country’s health sciences. It’s one of the best midwifery schools.

George Washington University

Founded in 1821 by a letter from the Congress. It was designed as a design of the University of Washington, in view of the will of Washington, DC, and its first global president. Through its position in this region, GWTU is a university which is politically connected to the country. Also, in addition to his political power, and primarily known for his engineering and health programs.

However, the university is very impressive, where students receive the highest level of support and professional opportunities outside the Ivy Universities. This is one of the best midwifery schools.

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook is not just a wonderful school, but the life and education pillar of Long Island and New York state. Stony Brook started as a university for teachers in 1957, for the next six decades, the university became a center of great research and development and continued to appeal to some of the best people in medicine.

However, Stony Brook’s medicine does not only provide research and education, also provides healthcare for the community, and in general, due to the economic impact of Long Island, the university represents seven billion dollars.

Kansas University

Founded in 1865, Kansas University has more jobs than just educating the people of Kansas. The state that came back to recover and recover some years before it was known as “bloody Kansas” for the pre-civil war violence. Today, one of the KU cancer bedrooms.

Also, the center of the best research in the region and the medical and health center with a medical center. Kansas is known for its value and return on investment, regularly ranking as the best value. It’s one of the best midwifery schools.

Baylor University

Baylor University is a Christian University of Weibo in Texas, the state’s oldest state university. At that time, Texas was still an independent republic, yet it was not present until it joined the United States. It was still ideal

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